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Nuance® PowerMic 4 Dictation USB Microphone

Did you know that speaking is three times faster than writing? Government research shows that people, on average, speak 120 words and type 40 words a minute. Plus, with continuous typing comes the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome and burnout. But with speech recognition software and hardware, the tasks become simpler and faster.

With Nuance® Dragon® Voice Recognition, one can increase productivity and increase the quality of documentation. Our team of experts at The Dragon People will work with you to efficiently set up Nuance® Dragon® PowerMic 4 and pair it with your Dragon Medical One, Dragon Legal, or the Dragon speech-to-text system of your choice.

Key Features of Nuance® PowerMic 4 Premium Handheld Microphone

  • USB plug-and-play installation automatically integrates with Dragon software and allows compatibility with a wider range of desktop and laptop computers.
  • Unidirectional noise-cancellation microphone allows accuracy even in noisy environments, such as a hospital emergency room or a showroom floor, for example.
  • High-pass filter provides clearer audio.
  • The Nuance dictation microphone can be used handheld or with its magnetic mount support.
  • Improved ergonomic control of dictation and speech-recognition functions.
  • Use voice commands to navigate EHRs, templates, forms, reports, etc.
  • Easy to clean and disinfect, which promotes safety in clinical and office settings. Also, the microphone’s buttons are made of hard plastic for easier wipe-down. PowerMic 4 has a smooth, matte finish for easier disinfection.
  • Available with a 3-foot or 9-foot USB cable, or a 6-foot coiled USB cable.

Differences Between PowerMic III and PowerMic 4

  • Anti-microbial surface,
  • Slimmer buttons,
  • Easier to move thumb/fingers around the device,
  • Rear-facing magnetic mount,
  • Improved audio quality further reduces background noise,
  • Trackpad is 30% larger, which allows easier maneuverability of the mouse,
  • Two additional programmable buttons.
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