DAX™ Copilot Support

Create Automated Notes in Seconds

Dragon Ambient eXperience (DAX™) Copilot merges established conversational and ambient AI technologies with cutting-edge generative AI within a mobile application designed to seamlessly fit into physicians’ current routines.

DAX™ Copilot Features & Benefits

Automatic Documentation

DAX™ Copilot transforms patient encounter conversations into detailed, specialty-specific clinical documentation summaries. These summaries are then available directly in the PowerMic mobile app and the clinician’s EHR for them to review and edit.

Multi-Party Conversation Capture

Clinicians converse naturally with patients while the mobile app records the dialogue at the point of care. This approach allows healthcare professionals to maintain connection with their patients and focus on their needs.

Enhanced Accuracy

Over time, DAX’s AI adapts to each clinician’s unique style, creating a continuous learning loop for ongoing enhancement. – Real-time and context-aware AI assistance ensures accurate and complete patient records, improving patient visit outcomes.

EHR Integration

DAX ™Copilot synchronizes with electronic healthcare record systems to extract patient context, submit the finalized note, and empower care teams to accomplish an expanding array of tasks in real-time using virtual assistants.

Reduced Clinician Burnout

DAX™ Copilot significantly reduces clinician burnout. . Physicians no longer have to spend their free time documenting patient notes and records. They can now focus on what matters most, the patient.


DAX™ Copilot applies not only to office environments but also to telehealth. DAX scales across multiple specialties and medical offices, including ambulatory care, urgent care, and primary care settings.

DAX™ Copilot Case Study:

DAX Copilot is saving Dr. Michelle Green time at M. Fairview Health. That time savings is making her personal life easy; it’s enabling her to focus on patients, get other things done, and see more patients without feeling burdened.

Michelle Green, MD, MPH, Family Medicine Physician – M. Health Fairview

Your Clinical Documentation Copilot

DAX™ Copilot is the newest addition to the Nuance® Dragon® platform. DAX™ Copilot is an AI cloud-based solution that records patient encounters via the Nuance® PowerMic mobile app. DAX™ Copilot instantly transforms multi-party discussions into detailed, specialty-focused clinical summaries. DAX™ summaries can be transferred automatically into your Dragon® Medical One platform. Streamlining your existing Dragon workflow even more.

Dragon® Medical One + DAX™ Copilot

Dragon® Medical One and DAX™ Copilot seamlessly integrate with existing EHR systems, enabling clinicians to access and update patient records in real-time.  DAX™ Copilot provides real-time clinical documentation support. It automatically identifies relevant patient data, identifies missing information, and generates context-aware suggestions to enhance clinical notes.

DAX Copilot acts as an AI assistant for automated clinical documentation, allowing physicians to enhance clinical efficiency, satisfaction for both physicians and patients, and financial outcomes with fewer resources.

Leveraging the extensive capabilities of the Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare, it merges Nuance’s established conversational and ambient AI with the latest and most advanced generative AI models.

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The Dragon People are an elite team of Nuance-certified resources; the most experienced and best-prepared DAX™ Copilot technology trainers in the world. Our mission is to provide the highest level of deployment and integration services to our customers. We’ll ensure the successful integration of Dragon products into the medical workflow, focusing on the end-user experience, adoption, and satisfaction, and remove any headaches around the technical aspects of the ongoing use and support of the product.

Our training is guided by our passion for our customer’s success. We care about our clients and are fun, professional, and ethical in everything we do.

From the very beginning, you’ll notice a difference in your project with the Dragon People involved. Our team is built from talented, kind, certified resources who have all used Dragon extensively, understand custom workflows, and know how to engage all levels of adult learners in training designed to be fun and effective. All of this is coupled with a senior technical team that keeps an expansive, up-to-date knowledge base and is adept at delivering technical excellence in single, as well as enterprise-level, installations.

Today’s Providers need a documentation system designed for speed, accuracy, and flexibility, and Dragon delivers on all three! Plus, The Dragon People enable providers to take advantage of additional benefits, such as personalized, custom vocabularies, workflows, and templated shortcuts that can be individually accessed or shared across multiple providers for maximum efficiency with the software. We know how to optimize the end-user experience to give your group all the benefits DAX™ Copilot has to offer.

Thousands of satisfied clients around the world have relied on the expertise of The Dragon People. We are proficient with the deployment of the entire Nuance Dragon product line from single-user solutions up to enterprise solutions employing VDI or SSO. We provide unparalleled professional services, as well as friendly, timely customer support, to our clients. We are the best service provider in the world. Let us prove it to you!

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  • Remote assistance (online screen sharing for quick collaboration, whenever needed.)
  • On-site visits available when necessary
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  • The Dragon People is your one-stop shop for Nuance Dragon Medical One software and hardware, training, and more.
  • Our services include project management/guidance, guided installations/configurations, custom workflows, onsite or remote training, and much more.
  • We create personalized language models based on users’ prior dictations and areas of specialty.
  • We quickly pair our users with the most applicable hardware (microphones, recorders, etc.) and software necessary that would benefit their workflow the most.
  • Our core values of integrity, ethics, and treating people how we would like to be treated.