Dragon for Dental Practices

Enhance Your Dental Practice with Dragon Medical One

Dentists become more efficient with Dragon Medical One – cloud-based, user-friendly, customizable speech-to-text technology.

Dentists can quickly dictate detailed patient notes, capturing clinical encounters accurately without the need for manual typing.

Why Choose Dragon Medical One for Your Dental Practice?

Dentists use Dragon Medical One in various ways to enhance their practice efficiency, documentation accuracy, and overall patient care. Discover how Dragon can transform your Dental practice.

Ranked #1 Best in Klas for 4 Consecutive Years

Named Best in KLAS, earning praise from clinicians for helping them deliver ad document better patient care.

Black Book Seal

#1 AI-Powered and Cloud-Based Provider from Black Book

Nuanced was named #1 in 2022 for speech recognition and clinical intelligence solutions for a third consecutive year.

Make Your Dental Practice More Efficient

Nuance Dragon Medical One can help dental practices become more efficient, increase productivity, save time and money, make workflows more manageable, and decrease the amount of time dentists and dental hygienists spend updating dental charts.

Powered by Microsoft Azure, a HITRUST CSF-certified hosting infrastructure. All data is 256-bit encrypted. Dragon Medical One is the leading dictation and speech recognition software solution in North America.

Dragon Medical One For Dentists Features

Enhanced Note Quality

Speech-enabling your documentation improves the quality of the note, as the risk of misinterpreting handwritten notes is gone and you have the freedom to elaborate easily when needed (Speaking is 3 times faster than typing.).

Improved Billing Process

With a more complete and faster turnaround on documentation, the billing process is also impacted in a positive way! Coding errors decrease, and reimbursement speeds increase; and Dragon is the key!

Hands-free Mobility

Digital delivery reduces hardware, software, and infrastructure demand. User-friendly installation and streamlined performance minimize support needs.

Ensure Compliance and Streamline Reporting

Ensure compliance with industry regulations by accurately documenting required information.

Cloud-Based Convenience

Easy single-voice profiles travel across applications and devices for smooth, consistent performance.

Dictating Patient Notes

Quickly dictate detailed patient notes, capturing clinical encounters accurately without manual typing.

Reduced IT Footprint

Digital delivery reduces hardware, software, and infrastructure demand. User-friendly installation and streamlined performance minimize support needs.

Automatic Updates

Work with confidence knowing you always have access to the latest security and performance updates.

EHR Integration

Seamlessly integrate with EHR systems to input patient information directly into digital charts.

Enhance Patient Communication

Quickly create and send patient letters, emails, and other correspondence.

Improve Coding and Billing Accuracy

Ensure accurate coding of procedures and treatments for billing purposes, reducing errors and improving reimbursement rates.

Experience the Difference – Get Started with Dragon Medical One Today

By leveraging Dragon Medical One, dentists can significantly reduce the time spent on documentation and administrative tasks, allowing them to focus more on patient care and improving the overall efficiency of their practice.”


The Dragon People are an elite team of Nuance-certified resources, the most experienced and best-prepared Dragon® Medical One technology trainers in the world. Our mission is to provide the highest level of deployment and integration services to our customers. We’ll ensure the successful integration of Dragon products into the medical workflow, focusing on the end-user experience, adoption, and satisfaction, and remove any headaches around the technical aspects of the ongoing use and support of the product.

Our training is guided by our passion for our customer’s success. We care about our clients and are fun, professional, and ethical in everything we do.

From the very beginning, you’ll notice a difference in your project with the Dragon People involved. Our team is built from talented, kind, certified resources who have all used Dragon extensively, understand custom workflows, and know how to engage all levels of adult learners in training designed to be fun and effective. All of this is coupled with a senior technical team that keeps an expansive, up-to-date knowledge base and is adept at delivering technical excellence in single, as well as enterprise-level, installations.

Today’s Dentists need a documentation system designed for speed, accuracy, and flexibility, and Dragon delivers on all three! Plus, The Dragon People enable providers to take advantage of additional benefits, such as personalized, custom vocabularies, workflows, and templated shortcuts that can be individually accessed or shared across multiple users can be leveraged for maximum efficiency with the software. We know how to optimize the end-user experience and get your group all the benefits Dragon Medical One has to offer.

Thousands of satisfied clients around the world have relied on the expertise of The Dragon People. We are proficient with the deployment of the entire Nuance Dragon product line from single-user solutions up to enterprise solutions employing VDI or SSO. We provide unparalleled professional services, as well as friendly, timely customer support, to our clients. We are the best service provider in the world. Let us prove it to you!

  • Kind, capable and timely support delivered to you by the best Dragon trainers on the planet (we have references…)
  • A dedicated team that will move heaven and earth to solve your problem
  • Support related to ordinary and reasonable use of speech recognition software and hardware
  • 24/7 answering service for after-hour or emergency support issues
  • Remote assistance (online screen sharing for quick collaboration, whenever needed.)
  • On-site visits available when necessary
  • We never get tired of saying this: The best Dragon trainers on the planet!
  • We are the International Nuance® Authorized Sales Agent.
  • Our expertise to integrate, train, and support Dragon speech-recognition solutions for all dental practices, organizations, clinics, and solo practice is second to none.
  • We offer unparalleled deployment and customer service.
  • The Dragon People is your one-stop shop for Nuance Dragon Medical One software and hardware, training, and more.
  • Our services include project management/guidance, guided installations/configurations, custom workflows, onsite or remote training, and much more.
  • We create personalized language models based on users’ prior dictations and areas of specialty.
  • We quickly pair our users with the most applicable hardware (microphones, recorders, etc.) and software necessary that would benefit their workflow the most.
  • Our core values of integrity, ethics, and treating people how we would like to be treated.