Dragon Legal Support and Training

Nuance® Dragon® Legal & Nuance® Dragon® Legal Anywhere

In law, words are the tool of the trade, put them to work with user-friendly, customizable speech-to-text technology

Legal Documentation Solutions

Nuance® Dragon® Legal is the perfect tool to provide attorneys, paralegals, and legal support staff the means to create high-quality documentation simply by using voice commands.

Achieve top-quality documentation thanks to the program’s integrated legal dictionary, and the ability to format legal citations. Additionally, users can add unique words/terms to Dragon’s dictionary so that it recognizes those for future uses and also allows users to format macros to automate their most often-used passages and avoid repetition.

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Nuance® Dragon® Legal Features

More Accurate Than Ever

With the new Deep Learning technologies, Dragon Legal is more accurate than ever.

Fast Legal Dictation

Dragon Legal knows legal terminology out of the box. Faster and more accurate dictation with reduced need for edits.

Customizable Commands and Vocabulary

Save commonly used templates as commands to avoid having to repeatedly dictate frequently used text. Add words to Dragon’s vocabulary to save frequent corrections for unknown words.

Regional Accent Support

Accented speakers get higher out-of-the-box recognition with advanced adaptation techniques and accent-specific acoustic models.

No limit on productivity

Contracts to closing arguments, emails to billing reports, can all be dictated in real time for instantaneous speech-to-text documents.

Meet Deadlines With Ease

Incorporating speech-to-text technology significantly increases turnaround time on critical communications and helps staff reach deadlines more quickly.

Anchor focus dictation

Allows the user to anchor the cursor to the document and continue dictating while looking at other documents, or doing research on the Web.


The Dragon People are an elite team of Nuance-certified resources; the most experienced and best-prepared Dragon® Legal technology trainers in the world. Our mission is to provide the highest level of deployment and integration services to our customers. We’ll ensure the successful integration of Dragon products into the medical workflow, focusing on the end-user experience, adoption, and satisfaction, and remove any headaches around the technical aspects of the ongoing use and support of the product. Our training is guided by our passion for our customer’s success. We care about our clients and are fun, professional, and ethical in everything we do.

From the very beginning, you’ll notice a difference in your project with the Dragon People involved. Our team is built from talented, kind, certified resources who have all used Dragon extensively, understand legal workflows, and know how to engage all levels of adult learners in training designed to be fun and effective. All of this is coupled with a senior technical team that keeps an expansive, up-to-date knowledge base and is adept at delivering technical excellence in single, as well as enterprise-level, installations.

Attorneys with copious notes and important deadlines need a documentation system designed for speed, accuracy, and flexibility, and Dragon delivers on all three! Lawyers can customize and simultaneously work on cases and documents created from their own templates. Plus, The Dragon People enable legal professionals to take advantage of additional benefits, such as personalized vocabularies, finite workflows, and populating legal forms with verbal shortcuts, that can be individually accessed or shared across multiple users for maximum efficiency. We can help your firm optimize the end-user experience and access all the benefits Dragon Legal has to offer, helping your legal practice become more organized and competitive.

Thousands of satisfied clients around the world have relied on the expertise of The Dragon People. We are proficient with the deployment of the entire Nuance Dragon product line from single-user solutions to enterprise solutions. We provide unparalleled professional services, as well as friendly, timely customer support, to our clients. We are the best service provider in the world. Let us prove it to you!

  • Kind, capable and timely support delivered to you by the best Dragon trainers on the planet (we have references…)
  • A dedicated team that will move heaven and earth to solve your problem
  • Support related to ordinary and reasonable use of speech recognition software and hardware
  • 24/7 answering service for after-hour or emergency support issues
  • Remote assistance (online screen sharing for quick collaboration, whenever needed.)
  • On-site visits available when necessary