The Dragon People Testimonials

Don’t Take Our Word for it

Nothing makes us happier than a job well done and satisfied customers. Here are a few client testimonials about us and our work.

David A. Denman, M.D.

“Thanks to the staff at [Accelerated Workflow Solutions] and Dragon I have entirely eliminated my transcription costs and improved my documentation and billing.”

Dr. Neil Baum
Author of Marketing Your Clinical Practice-Ethically, Effectively, and Economically. (Jones-Bartlett)

“I have been a user of Medical Dragon for [more than] 7 years. I have worked with the Dragon People as my vendor and have been so very pleased with the technology but most of all with their service. In the beginning, I had lots of questions and a few bugs to work out and they were so very helpful to implement voice recognition software into my practice. I use the program at least 15-20 times a day including in my electronic medical record. When I have additions that are not included in the provided templates, I turn on the Dragon and my dictation is immediately digitalized into the medical record. This results in rarely having to touch the keyboard. As a middle-aged doctor who is not very facile with the computer, this is a real plus. Having segued to voice recognition software, I have reduced my dictation costs from nearly $1000 a month to $0.00!

Most of all I would like to relate my experience with the Dragon People and their tech support. I have had a very rare issue where the program is not recognizing my voice and a call to the tech support results in an immediate call back. They take over my computer and the problem is immediately solved. I’m embarrassed to say that the last time the problem was that I inadvertently hit the mute button on my headset and there was no recognition of my voice. They solved the problem and didn’t even make me feel guilty about the call!

Finally, I would like to mention that this testimonial was dictated with Dragon and there were no errors or misspelled words with 100% accuracy.

I recommend the Dragon People highly.”

Douglas R. Lake, MD
Adjunct Clinical Instructor, Department of Radiology, Stanford Hospital and Clinics
Diagnostic Radiology, P.C.

“To Jessica and the AWS Dragon People, I think it’s important to recognize excellence when it occurs. I e-mailed you all with a nearly non-functional workstation at 8:26 am, Jessica (from AWS) called me at 8:32 am and I was back to a fully functioning system after a 9-minute remote diagnostic evaluation and repair. A 15-minute turnaround is incredible. This is absolutely tremendous service that deserves commending. Thank you!”

Stephen Moore, MD
Gastroenterology Associates of Gainesville

[Accelerated Workflow Solutions] Dragon has made EMR feasible. Before Dragon, it was a nightmare. Also, the customer support has been excellent. Any requests for help have been prompt and efficient.

M.J. Yurchisin, M. D.
Gynecology practice in Bowling Green, KY

“I have been using Dragon Naturally Speaking for medical office applications for at least 10 years and their product continues to improve and become more user friendly. I really can’t comment on their support, The Dragon People, as I refer to them, because I rarely need them! But when I do, they are just an email away; their response time is excellent and resolves the issue quickly. They even help me with the application of Dragon NS into my current EHR system and don’t pass the buck when troubleshooting issues within my EHR. I REALLY don’t know what I would do without my Dragon! Keep up the good work…”

Gerald Edenfield
Senior Partner – Edenfield, Cox, Bruce and Classens
President Elect, State Bar of Georgia

“We became interested in Dragon and did some research and found that to make Dragon successful it required training and commitment. We contacted Kristi and the [Accelerated Workflow Solutions] staff and she advised us on the equipment and software needed, but most of all, she and her staff agreed to train us (on the weekends, when we were able to concentrate without interruption).

G. Steven Bailes, M.D.

“We just wanted to thank you and your staff for the excellent services we received in transitioning to Dragon Naturally Speaking. It is very obvious to us at this point that no one should use this in a business without getting professionally trained first. We would never have achieved the functional competence we desired with the software had we not relied on the expertise of a company such as yours. As you may recall we had contacted other companies about providing the same services. We want you to know that from the time we made the first phone call to you and your staff there was a very distinct difference in attitude in the tone and the apparent level of competency that is both professional and personal. Thanks again for a great experience.”

Marina Mosunjac
Director of Surgical Pathology at Grady Memorial Hospital
Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Emory University School of Medicine, Grady Memorial Hospital Campus

I have enjoyed using the Dragon system for almost a year now and I could not imagine working without it. I am using it for dictating pathology diagnoses where accuracy is of crucial importance. The more I’m using it, the more accurate it is, including the entire complicated medical terminology. Your supporting staff is superb.

John A. Morris, Jr. M.D.
Director, Trauma and Surgical Critical Care
Vanderbilt University Medical Center (Nashville)

“Transcription was a $100,000 annual problem for our division. Dragon is a $10,000 one-time solution. [Accelerated Workflow Solutions] has been instrumental in helping us with a successful implementation.”

Michael Laposata, M.D., Ph.D.
Edward and Nancy Fody Professor
Executive Vice Chair of Pathology
Professor of Medicine
Vanderbilt University School of Medicine
Pathologist-in-Chief, Vanderbilt University Hospital

“I have now written 4 books. The first 3 required tremendous assistance from people who could take my dictated initial drafts, and then patiently attempt to rework them with my virtually incomprehensible edits of these “word salad” versions. After about 6 rounds of edits, the chapters were finalized. For the 4th book, I did it entirely by myself – every page of every chapter. No one else ever made a single keystroke. I dictated it, edited it, and generated it entirely electronically – something that was only possible because of Dragon software. The entire book was completed in about 80 hours, with no time required from anyone else. I have great plans for authorship of many relevant medical books in the future, and I would not be thinking this way had I not adopted Dragon software.

Every day, patient-specific expert-driven narratives that explain the clinical significance of complicated test results are generated using Dragon software at Vanderbilt. This means that one doctor can communicate with other doctors immediately because there is no need for extra time to have paragraphs typed and then reviewed before they can be placed in the medical record. As soon as my expert opinion is generated at patient rounds, my information is made available to the doctors directly caring for the patients. This happens because Dragon software has permitted me to make interpretations of test results on the spot and then immediately modify and finalized them. The patient may have no knowledge about the impact of Dragon in his or her care, but when the medical opinion is from me, Dragon software is my enabler.”

Steven H. Tai, MD, FACP
Heritage Medical Associates

I have been a Dragon Medical user since 2002. I was introduced to Kristi and [Accelerated Workflow Solutions] … and I cannot say enough great things. Although I was an experienced Dragon user, Kristi and [Accelerated Workflow Solutions] have increased my knowledge and comfort with the product.

Mark J. Kanter, M.D.
Peninsula Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery, Inc.

“First and foremost The Dragon People are first-class small business advocates. From personal attention to help identify my professional needs, system requirement specifications and helpful review of proposed computer purchases prior to ordering, remote access to facilitate software installation and system initialization, and followed up by top-shelf on-site training, these people can light a fire under an old dog to accomplish exciting new tricks within an EMR. With Dragon software and The Dragon People’s support every step of the way, my biggest fear of converting my 18-year-old paper practice with transcription services to an EMR requiring me to type became a none issue. They have delivered more than promised at each possible turn. To date, the staff has responded to all of my questions in real time without delay. In each of my interactions, irrespective of which staff person then working with me, I have had their undivided attention until the resolution of my problem. They remind me of my staff!”

Christopher Melroy, MD
Georgia Nasal and Sinus Institute - Vanderbilt Savannah, GA

“[Accelerated Workflow Solutions] introduced me to Dragon Medical four years ago and I have been 100% pleased with the entire experience—I have recommended them to all of my colleagues. From day 1, their installation and training have been excellent. They teach their customers how to use Dragon, how to master the program, and how to make it fit their practice the best. Although their support is excellent and extraordinarily fast (always within the same day), they teach you how to use and mold the program so well that their support is rarely needed. Their EMR integration is seamless. If you are considering Dragon Medical for your practice, their services make the transition seamless.”

George Woodman, MD
Midsouth Bariatrics in Memphis, TN

“Dragon Software has revolutionized my practice. However, without The Dragon People, the software would be dormant and unused. The Dragon People enable the user to apply the powerful Dragon Software and help tailor it to your everyday use. Had I bought Dragon Software off-the-shelf it would have been a waste of money. It is critical to have instruction on the use of the software to make it applicable to your specific practice or profession. It was money well spent. In addition, whenever I have a question or problem, The Dragon People are immediately available to assist. Buying Dragon Software without The Dragon People is like trying to fly an expensive new plane without flying lessons.I love me some Dragon People. Using Dragon Software without the help of The Dragon People is like gutting an animal with a dull pocket knife instead of the sharp ginsu knife that The Dragon People include with the software.”

Kaye L. Cox
EHR Coordinator - Florence, SC

“Physicians in our practice ordered Dragon when we migrated to our first EMR program in 2008. The [Accelerated Workflow Solutions] staff went above and beyond training the physicians on how to use Dragon software. They helped incorporate Dragon into each physician’s EMR workflow and offered solutions when no one else could furnish them. Their professionalism carried forward into our most recent migration to a new EHR program through their dedication to making our transition as smooth as possible.”

Jeff Goldberg, MD

“I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and all the staff at [Accelerated Workflow Solutions] for your help with my Dragon software for the past 4 years. The staff at The Dragon People has always been easy to reach and are always available. I have appreciated this on more than one occasion when I have had important questions or a problem with my software.  The staff is friendly and very capable, and it has been very quick and easy to address what would have been insurmountable problems without their technical expertise
Thanks again!”