Enhance Your Operation with Nuance® Dragon® Products

Nuance® Dragon® Medical One

This award-winning product will reduce the time spent documenting medical charts and maximize the entire medical workflow. Save time, money and give your staff user-friendly, cloud-based, customizable speech-to-text technology.
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Dragon® Medical One for Dentists

Dental practices will become more efficient with our award-winning medical software, which will maximize billing, appointments, image-handling, and chart updating (and more). Why not try a 7-day trial and see for yourself how much time and money you can save?
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Dragon® Medical One for Veterinarians

We can show veterinarians how to make workflows more manageable, decrease the amount of time spent updating health records and make the management of the practice quicker and easier.
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Dragon® Legal

Lawyers make a living by speaking so why would they spend so much time typing or relying on transcriptionists (which cost a pretty penny)? Why type when you can speak? Voice commands will get the job done... and faster!
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Dragon® for Law Enforcement

Law enforcement agencies spend too much money paying officers overtime so they can type their incident reports. With out cloud-based speech-to-text software, they can dictate their incident report right at the scene of the crime or the accident.
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Dragon® Professional

Research has shown that business owners spend approximately 40% of their time on administrative tasks-emails, filling out purchase orders, etc.-instead of what they do best: growing the business and attending to customers. You can cut that time dramatically and increase productivity.
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Dragon® Professional for Government

Nuance's speech-recognition software will allow government workers to elevate their engagement with the citizenry by providing faster service using only the power of their voice. Our solutions for the public sector offer a better experience for both the employee and the constituent.
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Dragon® Professional for Social Services

Social workers take immense amounts of notes, then spend hours typing their notes (per client) or they rely on transcriptionists to type their notes. Either way, a lot of time is spent on records in situations where time is of the essence. Not with Nuance!
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Dragon® PowerMic 4

The all-new PowerMic 4 is the latest member of our family of speech-to-text products. This marvelous microphone not only makes dictation faster, easier, and clearer, but with new extra buttons, productivity will be enhanced.
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Nuance® Hardware

The Dragon People want to be your gateway to all the marvelous hardware Nuance offers that will make your Dragon experience one that will marvel and astound you.
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