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The Dragon People

With over fifteen year’s experience in implementation and training of elite medical, legal, and corporate groups around the globe, Accelerated Workflow Solutions (AWS) can help reduce or eliminate transcription costs with Dragon voice recognition software.

Certified Partners with Nuance, the Dragon People at AWS provide free on-site demonstrations of this award-winning program.

What does AWS offer?

  1. As the only International Nuance Authorized Sales Agent (NASA) for Dragon Medical, AWS is licensed to sell, or sales assist for larger organizations, all of the Dragon Medical Product line, Dragon Legal, and Dragon Professional.
  2. Complete project planning, implementation and training for all Dragon voice recognition products.
  3. We offer yearly technical support contracts for our trained users, which include:
    • Unlimited phone support
    • Unlimited email support
    • Remote client services (accessing computer via the Internet for repair and visual teaching)
    • Three (3) on-site visits (billing for travel only)
  4. We create personalized language models based on user’s prior dictations and areas of specialty.
  5. We design customized templates, commands, and workflow – specifically suited to each user’s wishes.
  6. We provide digital voice recorder equipment, along with the implementation of that equipment and workflow training to users and to support staff.
  7. We are able to quickly pair our users with the most applicable hardware and software necessary that would benefit his/her workflow the most. (I.E.: microphones, DVRs, etc.) We strive for our users to be the best of all “Dragon Slayers”!

Why should I hire ‘The Dragon People’ from AWS?

Accelerated Workflow Solutions (AWS) is committed to “treating people how we would like to be treated.” Our customer support is unparalleled. We specialize in installing and implementing workflow methods and training users for the most effective use of Dragon inside of existing and/or newly created workflows and other applications. Though DNS is not necessarily a difficult program to use, it can be very time consuming to master it without training. On the whole, it is a much more productive and cost effective use of a professional’s time to be guided through the initial set-up and training. The program has numerous capabilities and several different methods to complete the same task are usually present. Our team of certified trainers understand how to more efficiently provide consistent results that render a more prompt and accurate document. Through years of experience working with DNS, we are likewise savvy to certain nuances (no pun intended…..) in the software that may make integration with certain programs more “friendly.” One not familiar with the product will most likely not be taking full advantage of Dragon’s capabilities, which if not set up correctly, most often ends in wasted hours of training, poor accuracy and eventual abandonment of use.

My people are pretty tech-savvy; I think they can figure it out. It’s just talking, right?

Plain and simple, Dragon’s abandonment rate is most often caused by frustrated individuals who never had any training or implementation help. While speaking at a natural tone and pace will yield optimal results, you will definitelywant to have training for you or your user(s) to make the most of speech recognition. In addition to teaching how to use Dragon as an effective data entry method, our staff can also often automate repetitive tasks to execute with a simple 2-word voice command a task that would usually take 6 or more mouse clicks to complete.

Is it Worth It?

Your AWS will include everything needed to be successful with Dragon; software license, installation, implementation, one-on-one training, customer support for a year, microphone, and document customization (custom commands, address list, templates, etc). The average cost for Dragon per user is about $3700 and the product will easily pay for itself in about 90 days given the transcription costs of busy providers. As a cost-containment tool, Dragon has an impressive ROI.

Once you’ve purchased the Dragon package it’s yours – there are no monthly or yearly recurring charges – if you choose to renew your support contract after the year is up, you may do so if you wish. In addition, Dragon is licensed per user, not per machine, so you are able to have Dragon loaded on multiple machines at no additional costs.

Please call us and let Dragon slay the cost of your dictation!